IGXGlobal Storage-as-a-Service: Cloud flexibility with on-premises control

Posted: 24th May 2024

IGXGlobal’s groundbreaking Storage-as-a-Service Powered by Pure Storage Evergreen//One delivers consumption-based cost models for storage, delivered within your own data centre.

Avoid upfront capital investments. Leverage onsite storage and available burst capacity to facilitate agility and growth, all without an upfront payment.

Only pay for what you use. Stop the guesswork of future capacity needs and upfront investment via consumption-based cost models.

Cost optimisation.  Aligned IGXGlobal Technical Account Manager (TAM) will provide ongoing insights for capacity planning, billing and SLA metric reviews, service to ensure the best economics for your business.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs). On-premises storage with financially-backed SLAs for availability, performance, buffer capacity, and energy efficiency.

Capitalise on these additional Benefits:

Scalability: Easily scale your IT resources up or down based on your needs, allowing for quick adaptation to changing business requirements.

Expert Support: Gain access to experienced technicians who can troubleshoot issues and optimse performance, saving valuable time and reducing stress for your IT staff.

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